About Us

Feb. 2008
The Phoenix Foundation was created after a few people got together to put on a benefit show for the families of the two teens who were murdered in Helendale. Three people who put this on discussed how the High Desert didn’t have anything like this so we put it together.

Past Projects

Aug. 2008
The Phoenix Foundation sent the four little Claridad girls, mom, grandma and grandpa to Disneyland for 2 days. Claro Claridad (dad) jumped into a partially frozen lake on Christmas day to save two children that had fallen in. He was able to save the children but he drowned. Dad was everything to them and a happy place for them was Disneyland.

September 2008
The Scott Patterson family had a tragedy in their lives when a home invasion happened and Scott was shot 4 times in the chest and face. He survived but went through a lot of pain and suffering and extensive medical bills. The Phoenix Foundation helped the family put on a car show and raised enough money to be able to offset the medical bills.

June 2009
The Phoenix Foundation was able to give money for a Hesperia family who lost their dad, 2 sons and their home to a fire, leaving a daughter with severe burns and a mom to try and cope with everything.

November 2009
The Phoenix Foundation was able to help the family of Trevor Neiman, a cable guy who was brutally attacked and beaten to death while working in someone’s home. We had a couple of book binders dedicated to the Phelan library in his honor and had a beautiful quilt made for his mother and sister with memory items on the quilt.

July 2010
Michael Hartley was killed in a hit and run accident. We paid for the cremation and later in the year sent the kids to Disneyland.

August 2010
18 month old MacKenzie Johnson was ran over by a family vehicle. We did the funeral reception.

Toddler Ford Kilmer drowned when Dad tried to cross the river and the car flipped upside down. We did the funeral reception.

January 2011
The Shinedling family lost Mom in a house fire.  We took care of the immediate needs; food vouchers, sundries, clothes etc.  In March we did the memorial service for Amy Shinedling.

March 2011
Brittney Davis was killed in a car accident.  She left behind her 2 yr. old son.  We took care of the food for the funeral reception.

May 2011
Two year old Brayv O’Connor drowned in the family pool.  We took care of the food for the reception.

Sarah Alvarado, age 8, choked to death on a piece of hot dog at school.   We did the funeral reception.

Infant baby boy died in an apartment fire.  We purchased the urn for the family.

June 2011
Bambi Price was killed in a car accident leaving a sister and 5 yr. old boy behind.  We helped at the car wash and with food donations for the reception.

11 month old baby Mikel Robertson drowned in the family pool.  We helped with the funeral expenses and did the reception.

October 2011
Gary Marshal was killed in a hit and run accident.  He left two children behind.  We did the funeral reception for them.

Mother and 11 year old daughter were killed in a car accident, leaving 2 young boys and Dad behind.  We handled the funeral reception for the family.

November 2011
The Esposito family had a car accident the day after Thanksgiving killing Grandpa and 4 yr. old Marlena. We did the funeral reception.

December 2011
Balglia dad was shot to death leaving 3 children behind.  We paid for the funeral minister.  Victims of Violent crimes paid for everything else.

Tatjana Cruz, 5 months pregnant, was beaten to death and her unborn daughter died.  We paid for the DJ for the candlelight vigil service and the food for the funeral reception.

Damian Negrette was killed in car accident

Schmoll was killed in a car accident

Anthony Grossman lot his life

Serena  Kalajian 2 yrs old. drowned

Jake Crittenden lost his life at age 21

Jason Godfrey was killed in car accident

Jerry Fortenberry died in car accident

Dora Fuentes died in a car accident

Jonathan Nail died in car accident

Olivia Deluca died in car accident

Daniel Reed lost his life in a gun shooting
Leon McClaughlin died from got shot

Jerry Davis took his life

1/1 /13
Vega, Joevani:car accident

Mendoza, Luis: car accident

Diaz, Gilbert: car accident

La Rougue, Jordon: car accident
Correll, Tyler: car accident

Solcido, Krystal: inhalation of Freon

Garcia, Joleen: given chili powder & suffocated

Bartamosco, Helen: car accident

Moilan, Sienna: ran over in driveway

Oliverias, Daniel: Shooting

Davies,Emmanuel: Stabbed to death

Flores, Alicia: hit by car

Mercier, Zacary: dirt bike accident
DiCarlo, Alyssa: Car accident

Swazye, Chris: shooting

Sheffield: Suicide

Stone, Robbie: shooting

Negrette, Damian :

Baby Perez
Chriswell, Taylor age 8

Badami, Jeremiah: age 24
Calhoun, Joey age 13
Aquino, Lori

Webb, Donavan: Drowning
Loyd, Willie
Guzman, Gloria, age 17
Grewal, Sebastian
Cabrerra,John, age 16
Lyle, Nicole, age 17
Britzman, Rochelle age, 23
Brousard, Jajuan

Ramos, Frank

Covarubias, Arnold age 10
Colquett, Terry

Combs, Kelly:

O’Neil, Pierre
Wilson, Andrew

Karras, Chance

Garcia, Roberto
Mitchell, Sir Ivory, age 16

Many small fundraisers have been held to help several families that had tragedies and needed funeral expenses and medical bills taken care of.

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